AANHPI Heritage Month 2023 - Intentionalist


In partnership with the major Seattle sports teams, Intentionalist is offering a 20% discount on Gift Certificates to Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander-owned businesses - including Seattle Yarn! That means you pay 20% less, but our business gets 100% of the gift certificate sales...talk about a win-win!

Follow this link to find Seattle Yarn gift certificates at Intentionalist.com, and use code “AANHPI2023” - now until May 31st. The code will take 20% off gift certificates up to $100 (you can get multiples if you want). Stock up, tell your friends and family - it's a really great deal!

Also through the end of May, upload your receipts from Seattle Yarn and other AANHPI-owned businesses at the Intentionalist website - each time you do, you’ll be entered to win prizes from some of your favorite Seattle sports teams! Have receipts from the last few weeks? Go on and upload them now!