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We have moved! Our new address is 2701 California Ave SW, near the Admiral Junction.
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        Once upon on a time, there were two friends...

        Seattle Yarn is a long-standing shop in beautiful West Seattle, a short hop from iconic spots like Alki Point, Alaska Junction, and Lincoln Park.
        Since assuming ownership in 2018, life-long friends Destiny and Cheryl have revamped and reinvigorated the shop. Incorporating their unique brand of fun and hospitality, they've infused the store with a comprehensive and ever-growing selection of local and indie dyers and makers. You'll find exclusive, hard-to-find yarn, bags, pins, accessories, and more – it’s like a yarn market, all in one place!
        Proud to be woman and POC-owned, Seattle Yarn fosters an open, inclusive, community of crafters eager to grow and learn together. The yarn brings us together. Our community sets us apart. Join us!