Interpretations #7 (Pom Pom Press)



Book release is November 23rd, 2020. Differences in shipping cost will be refunded at the time of shipping.

From Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki, the Interpretations series follows the journey of two friends from opposite sides of the world combining their love of their countries (Argentina and Finland) and beautiful knitwear.

Each volume includes six themes: six words with two designs inspired by each word, showing a personal take on each of these themes. The 6 words Joji and Veera have chosen for their new collection are Wonder, Root, Wild, Natural, Beyond, & Light! These lovely books are destined to become collectors items, not to mention beautiful resources of patterns that you're going to want to come back to time and again.

Volume 7 features 12 garment and accessory knitting patterns.

Printed in the UK // softcover // 116 pages

Includes digital download - the PDF can only be accessed by redeeming the unique download code that is printed in the hard copy.