Quarterly Mystery Boxes




Everyone loves a little surprise! Treat yourself or someone you love with one of Seattle Yarn's 2024 Mystery Boxes, and enjoy that moment of delight when you get to open a present. We've created 4 mystery boxes, one to arrive in Spring, one in Summer, one in Fall, and one in Winter.

Each Mystery Box will come with a hand-dyed yarn created exclusively for Seattle Yarn, as well as an assortment of other goodies - treats, notions, etc. Is there a theme for each box? Yes! Will we tell you what it is? Well, no, not right away...it's a mystery, and that's part of the fun! 

You can pre-order one at a time, or subscribe to the whole year. And of course, our Mystery Boxes make great gifts. 

If there are extras, you can still order past boxes! You can even still order the full year as long as there is inventory - you'll just get past boxes right away.

*The theme and contents of past boxes will be revealed when there has been enough time for all subscribers to receive theirs.

Spring Box shipped March 2024 - Theme: The Pacific Northwest

Summer Box ships June 2024
Fall Box ships September 2024
Winter Box ships December 2024