Steeks: How to Cut Your Knitting



Let’s spend two hours cutting our knits! Yes, you can!

In this class, we will:
  • Talk about why we steek (No color work purling! Eww.)
  • Review best types of yarns for steeking (superwash vs non-superwash)
  • Discuss picking up stitches for button bands (before or after).
  • Walk through and complete 3 ways to prepare your knits for the “big cut”:
    • machine reinforcement (There will be a sewing machine available for use.)
    • crochet reinforcement, and
    • NOTHING (non SW wools only).
  • Cut our knitting!
  • Secure our cut edges with 3 methods:
    • whip stitch
    • needle felting
    • ribbon
  • One to three small circumference knit tubes (8 inches circumference, 4-5 inches tall), in yarn weight of your choice. Please have these completed PRIOR to class. We will not have time to knit these during class. You will receive more information once registered.
  • Yarn (leftovers from material used to knit tubes)
  • Crochet hook 2-3 sizes SMALLER than the needle size used for knitted tubes
  • Sharp scissors
  • Darning needle
  • Needle felting needle and foam block (if you have them)