Thread & Maple 5-Piece Notions Clutch Bundle



As you open this beautiful case, it brings the feeling of calm and togetherness, seeing your essential tools of the craft laid neatly before you. Handmade from genuine quality leather, it feels remarkably soft and pleasant to the touch. Available in 4 stunning color combinations, you'll be hard-pressed to choose.

The top right corner is fitted with a discreet magnet, perfect for keeping darning needles & stitch markers from slipping away while working. With additional compartments to hold pattern print-outs or other notions, the Thread & Maple Notions Clutch is a maker's true companion.

Bundle includes:

  • Handmade leather case
  • Maple tape measure
  • Embroidery scissors
  • 15 locking stitch markers
  • 2 large-eye darning needles