Mindful Collection Serenity 40" Circ Magic Loop Set



Now for all you Magic Loop fans, here is true "Serenity", a Mindful Collection offering. This set of 40" fixed circular needles is artfully packaged in a circular needle case that folds for easy storage. Containing sizes US1-8, this fixed circular needle set is ideal for our "magic loop" fans as well as those working on larger circular needle projects. Each of the 8 needle pockets are labeled for size and fast identification. The fixed circular needle case comes with a separate accessory case that holds a sizer, markers and 2 tapestry needles.

The Serenity Set includes:

Mindful Collection Lace Tip 40" Fixed Circular Needles, sizes US 1 (2.25mm); US 2 (2.75mm); US 3 (3.25mm); US 4 (3.50mm); US 5 (3.75mm); US 6 (4.00mm); US 7 (4.50mm); US 8 (5.00mm) in a needle case.

Accessory Case that contains: 1 Needle Gauge; 2 Darning Needles; 10 Locking Stitch Markers; 10 Split Stitch Markers; 10 Round Stitch Markers